Your heart is in the East, while you are so far in the West. Purim is approaching and you have never felt further away from your loved ones than now. You would love to send them a Mishloach Manos. But just the thought of all the hassle that will be involved is enough to leave your wish, a farfetched dream.

No more.

Global Gifts have stepped in to make your wish come true. All you have to do is browse through our beautiful and varied selection of Mishloach Manos arrangements to suit all styles and ages. Rabbanim and Roshei Yeshiva, young Kollel couples, Yeshiva Bochurim and Seminary students, business partners and friends. There is a selection for each category.

Once you have decided which one suits your style and budget, all you need to do is select, pay, add a personal note which we will print out on pretty stationery, enter the recipient’s address and that is it! If you wish, we will notify you when the arrangement has been delivered.

‘Global gifts’ is a heimishe company who offer you reliable service for all your Mishloach manos needs in Israel. We have a large variety of American styled arrangements with top quality chocolates and goodies boasting first class brands and the most reliable Kashrus agencies.  We carry a unique line of arrangements using Eida Chareidis kashrus only – look for the sign on the item photo.

We take full responsibility for your arrangement until its delivery at your recipient’s address. You can track your order from the moment it is ordered until its safe delivery and because the order is not arriving to your address, we have initiated a unique service whereby you, the customer will receive an SMS once it has been delivered. 

For any further inquiries leave us a message with your details here and our customer service will get back to you promptly.

Beautiful arrangements, hassle free – What a perfect blend. This Purim will be different after all.

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