• The website Global Gifts (“The website”) which is operated by the Global Gifts company (“Global Gifts” or “The company”) and serves as a sales website for the purchase of Mishloach manos arrangements and gifts (“the items”(.
  • The male form used in this agreement refers equally to female individuals.
  • Purchasing via the website is subject to the conditions detailed in this form.
  • The act of purchasing in this site serves as a declaration on behalf of the customer that he has read the terms and conditions, has understood them and agreed to them. The terms and conditions serve as a binding contract between you and the company.


  • The website enables customers to make a convenient easy and safe purchase of the items via the internet.
  • Items can be bought at any time until we are out of stock.
  • Purchase on the website can only be made using a credit card, and the sale will be finalized after the credit company has confirmed the transaction.
  • The prices given on the website include VAT.
  • The company reserves the right to discontinue the marketing and sale of the items at any time and to revoke the right to buy from the website at its discretion.

Supply and delivery

  • The company will supply the items to the customer, to the address that will be supplied by him at the time of purchase from the website, within 5 business days.
  • The latest date for guaranteeing Mishloach manos for Purim is for those who order until Adar 10th (17/03/2019) and will be delivered up till Purim. (There will be no deliveries on Purim day)
  • The company does not take responsibility for any delay in delivery and/or non- delivery that is caused as a result of force of nature and/or by events that are not in its control.
  • Delivery of items will be carried out to the address that was received by the customer at the transaction.
  • The price of the item does not include delivery.
  • The cost of delivery quoted is for central areas only. Deliveries to other areas (further out) will be charged an extra fee per the rates of the delivery company.
  • The company promises to supply items as illustrated on the item photo. In the event that a certain item is missing, a similar item of the same value will replace it.

Customer Service

  • In the event of a query or question concerning an item, one can company representative can be called on telephone number: 15163403654 \ 97258321373

Guarantee and Service

  • The guarantee for the items covers major flaws on the actual item and/or its operation which were caused by the company.
  • The company will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, which results from use or incorrect use of the items including any coincidental, special, indirect or resulting damage, as the law specifies. The customer will bear responsibility and any risk and debt for the loss, damage or injury to his body, and/or property and/or the property and/or bodies of third parties, that result from use or non-use of the item, except in the cases where it will be determined that the said damage was caused by the sole negligence of the company.
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